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Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home

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Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home

In 1968, amidst a period of social and economic uncertainty, a grassroots collective believed in the transformative power of attractive, affordable housing as the bedrock of sustainable communities. Fast forward 56 years, EAH Housing remains steadfast in the conviction that social change is realized through inclusive housing opportunities transcending income and ethnicity.

Today, EAH Housing proudly serves over 25,000 individuals—low-income families, seniors, veterans, formerly unhoused individuals, transitional-age youth (TAY), and those with disabilities—across California and Hawai’i. Operating in 23 counties with over 230 properties, we aspire to expand our impact on affordable housing and resident services in the coming years, and we’re inviting you to be part of this journey.

This holiday season, a time that can be economically uncertain for many, your donation to EAH Housing will make a profound difference in the lives of over 25,000 individuals within our communities. Join us in building sustainable, vibrant futures for those in need.

Your generosity matters. Thank you, and Mahalo.